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It's about the Beer: Stepping Into the Future with Ultra Purified Water

The word is out. Desert Monks Brewing Co has begun work with the City of Scottsdale's state of the art water purification department to begin using their Ultra Purified Water for brewing our lager. We have brewed with the water twice before through the One Water Brewing Showcase. Through that experience we came to love the quality of the water and virgin platform it provides for a crystal clear lager brew. We began working with the City of Scottsdale in January 2023 to set up on-going, regular use of the water for our lager brews. After a few hurdles were cleared between the City and State, we will officially begin this non-event brewing series in May 2023. We expect to release this brew in early July. The German Monks were some of the first innovators in industrial brewing. As the Desert MONKS, we aim to continue that spirit of innovation, being good stewards of our resources. Integrating Ultra Purified Water into our brewing practice is one of many steps we take to minimize the environmental impact of brewing. Whitney Clark with Az Family provided this news coverage of the water use effort (we would like to note that we are not brewing with "waster water," but recycled water that has under gone state of the art cleaning and testing before it comes to us. Through the regular brewing process, the water will be boiled, as is done part of any brew process).

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