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Using Ultra Purified Water to Brew Delicious, Beautiful Beer

Ultra Purified Water Infographic.png

Why use Ultra Purified Water? And other frequently asked questions

Let's start with what Ultra Purified Water is NOT. Much of the media piece we have been included or featured in have done their best to capture eyes and ears for the story by referring to the process as "Toilet to Tap" or that we brew with Wastewater. We DO NOT. The vast majority of the beer we brew continues to be made with water from the Town of Gilbert that we filter prior to using. We are, however, getting a bit of attention for our non-event use of the City of Scottsdale's Ultra Purified Water in a few of our beers. Ultra Purified Water, also known as Direct Potable Reuse or Reuse water, is exceptionally clean drinking water that is rigorously tested and has a shorter, more sustainable lifecycle than the water that otherwise flows through our brewery water faucets or your faucets at home. In current, traditional systems, Earth filtration is largely utilized to help renew water as it makes its way through the cycle. Municipalities monitor and treat our potable (drinkable) water before it is sent out to homes and businesses

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